Andes Plateau: The special conjunction of a warm Mediterranean climate with the geographic characteristics of the country, makes Chile an ideal and special place to develop a environmentally friendly viticulture and get a wide variety of wine styles.

Andes Plateu is inspired by the Andes Mountains. This magnificent mountain range, combines perfectly the altitude, colors, sky and terroir, delivering special and unknown characteristics.

In one of his many trips, motivated to produce a exotic, elegant, unique wine, the enologist Felipe Uribe, began this project based at 700 meters above sea level.

This is the origin of our first wine called 700, a bright, low alcohol and high acidity wine that is fermented with native yeast.

The altitude, colors, sky and special terroirs are the characteristics delivered by our magnificent mountain known as The Andes Mountains


One of the main characteristics that makes our wines unique is the location of our vineyards, over 700 meter above sea level, in privilege places like Alcohuaz (Valle Elqui) y Cajón del Maipo (Valle de Maipo).

Being able to have this cool climate, sunny terroirs, that allows a slow maturation of the grapes, in conjunction with granitic, colluvial, alluvial mountain soils and the precise election and management of the vines, enables the delivery of unique quality fruit that can transmit it’s t high Andes Mountain origin with lower alcohol wines, vibrant acidity and a unknown elegance.


The Andes Mountains is an uncharted territory when it comes to winemaking, here is where Andes Plateau is born, with his 700 wine, as a constant search of the many benefits that high mountain terroir can give, fresh lively wines, with low alcohols and high acidity.

This wines is made only with natural yeast and no corrections are made through the process, allowing it to express the true terroir identity.

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COTA 500

Elegant wine with red fruits, spices and a hint of pepper.

Its great tannic structure and freshness make it vibrant and easy to drink.

The natural acidity make it very versatile wine that can be paired with a wide variety of food and flavors.


Descorchados Magazine 2016, Chile

700 – 2013 Top Wine of new adventures, 94 points


Descorchados Magazine 2017, Chile

Great value Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, 93 points


Decanter Magazine, UK

700 – 2014 “The chosen one” of the high Maipo. Among the best blends of Chile, 96 points.


Cota 500 – 2015 Among the best wines of the Pirque, 94 points.



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